Afternoon Leads Group:
Our Leads Group will meet in the afternoons on the first 3 Wednesday’s of each month at 11:00am – Location TBD. 

NEW Leads Group:
The Louisville Home Professional Leads Group:
This group will cater to every business that comes in direct contact with homeowners, such as insurance, real estate, lenders, contractors, painters, landscaping, etc. The group will be focused on a broad scope of trades with the intention of passing on referrals in a comfortable environment. The group will not limit the amount of like businesses, so that everyone can expand their reach within the community and help grow each other’s business. The initial kick of meeting is scheduled for June 11th at 8:00 am, via Zoom. The initial meeting will go more into depth on how the group can be beneficial to everyone involved. The Zoom link will be sent out at a later date to all the businesses that fall under the home professionals category. 

If you would like to attend as a guest to see if this is something that you would like to join, please let us know.  You can email us or call 303-666-5747.

Afternoon Leads Group

Kimberly Junior

Coldwell Banker Real
Patrick HubbellSummit Studio

Josh Landwehr Mutual Security
Cameron Dunford Varra Financial
Daniel J.
Brittney, Emily, Cheryl Dynamic Healing Therapy
Dr. Andrea & Dr. Ryan SchrockLife Alive
Robert MartinAll-Pro Steam