Marshall Fire Resources

The Marshall Fires have touched us all in one way or another, some more than others. All of us will face challenges but we understand that the difficulties that lie ahead for Business Owners will be unique and present certain challenges that we may not foresee at this time.

We ask that you take the survey below so we can begin to collect valuable information. The data from this survey will be analyzed by our Northwest Chamber Alliance team and used to determine the most immediate needs and long-term effects. As a community, we can start to make a difference right away. We understand you are feeling overwhelmed but know that we greatly appreciate your time.

If you have any pressing concerns, please email our Executive Director, Amber Thiel. We are happy to help you find resources and answers as quickly as possible.

– Amber Thiel, Executive Director of the Louisville Chamber

Business Needs Survey: Boulder County Fire Impacts to Business Survey (please take the survey repeatedly to let us know what resources will be helpful and what support you can offer)

We will find our way through this together.”
said Deana Miller, Executive Director of the Superior Chamber of Commerce.

The Northwest Chamber Alliance, recognizes that the devastating Marshall Fire had a terrible impact on the residents of our community, with many homes completely destroyed. At the same time, our business have also suffered great lost. Some took a direct damaging hit from the fires, while others will suffer from customer disruptions and workforce distractions, at the same time they are confronting a surging pandemic.

We offer the information and tools below as a resource for businesses across Boulder and Broomfield Counties as they struggle to overcome the challenges that the Marshall Fire presented. We hope it serves as an effective resource in navigating the recovery from fire damage and as support for their impacted workforce. We aim to keep the material fresh as we receive more information on assistance services and resources.

We are heartbroken, devastated and still in shock, much like the rest of the community. At the same time, we are feeling optimistic and fueled with energy to help our friends, families, business owners and others effectively pull through this and find the resources they need to get back on their feet.” Amber Thiel, Executive Director of the Louisville Chamber of Commerce

Restaurants Revive Program – Free Meals

Please see the following list of restaurants in the region that are offering free meals to those impacted by the Marshall fires.  Let staff know you have been displaced by the fire when you visit for a free meal (or other deal listed below).  To sign up to be on this list and get more details, go to

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