I have been a member of the Louisville Chamber for over 4 years and have enjoyed being a member. I have made some wonderful new contacts through my membership in the Chamber. Since joining the Chamber I have seen my business expand and everyone in the Chamber have been welcoming and supportive of my business. The Chamber also provides me with the human interaction I need since I work from home and the opportunity to continually meet new people. I highly recommend local businesses join the Chamber to connect with other wonderful businesses in the local area. ~ Elayne Oligschlaeger, Pampered Chef

The Louisville Chamber is the biggest asset to our business community. I have been a member for 10 years and it has been a huge part of my success. The staff is exceptional. We are very lucky… this is the best organization for business owners to be a part of. I have the best job in the most wonderful community and can say that the Chamber leads us to success. ~ Kelly Miller, Louisville Farmers Market

In 2014 I took over managing the Louisville branch at First National Bank and barely knew anyone in the business community. I’ll be honest, because my network was small, I was concerned how I could effectively lead a highly productive team. Thankfully the Louisville Chamber of Commerce was our springboard into events, connecting to key COI’s and cared so deeply about business success in general, that we grew and grew! Without the Chamber, the Louisville branch wouldn’t be where we are today with our involvement and growth in the community. Additionally, I knew this was an organization that I wanted to be a part of! ~ Jessica Felton, fnbo

This is a an awesome Chamber Org. for Louisville! ~ Rob Kelly, Louisville Realty Associates

The Chamber is such an outstanding organization in Louisville! The hard working staff puts in tireless energy to promote our businesses and to host fun and informative events. We are very fortunate to have such an active and engaged group! ~ Cory Nickerson, Louisville Realty Associates

I have been a Louisville Chamber member for over 6 years now and have enjoyed so many aspects of what this Chamber has to offer. In addition to the business development opportunities and networking events, the Chamber has widened my sense of community and awareness of so many great people and businesses here in the town I live and love.As a freelancer, my work day is quiet and sometimes a bit isolating and the Chamber events have offered the social banter and “water cooler talk” I have missed. Over the years I have developed authentic relationships through the other members which has turned into great leads and profitable projects. Most recently I have joined the Board of Directors and have enjoyed the leadership opportunities and strategic thinking/planning we do around the event planning.Thank you Louisville Chamber for being a warm, welcoming and constantly evolving resource for me as a small-business owner and community member! ~ Melissa Beckwith, Melissa Beckwith Design